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Don’t Get Distracted (CD)

Did you know that one of the most common tactics of the enemy is to get into your peripheral vision and to try and get you off track by any means possible? This teaching by Bryan Nutman is based on the book of Nehemiah and focuses in on the ways in which the enemy tries to wear God’s people down with fear, manipulation, and intimidation. Does that sound familiar to you? This message places emphasis on how to know the enemy’s tactics. When you know this, you’ll have the right strategies and plans to beat the devil at his own game every time!

This teaching includes one audio CD.… Read More

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What is Wisdom? And How to Get It!

We have now arrived at the final blog post of this series in which I have attempted to distinguish between knowledge, understanding and wisdom. In this second post on wisdom, let’s explore the practical side of how to operate in … Read More

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What is Wisdom? It’s Crying Out!

In simple terms, biblical wisdom is the capacity to understand life and how to implement ideas based on God’s perspective. Or put another way, “wisdom is the appropriate application of knowledge.” It is clear in the Word that wisdom is an invaluable virtue that is priceless, rare, immeasurable and too deep to fathom on our own.… Read More

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What is Understanding?

Understanding is the ability to interpret and translate into meaning the facts or information that you have gathered (knowledge). To come to an understanding of anything, you have to be able to extract the meaning from the information you have. In essence, you have to move from factual information to the understanding of the dynamics of whatever you are endeavoring to understand: the how, what and why.… Read More

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What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and data through studying, research, investigation, observation and even experiences. It’s being aware of something and having the details to know. People with “knowledge” are able to collect, remember, and access information. It is possible to have knowledge, but to also have a complete lack of understanding and wisdom. A person might have the facts, but they don’t know what the information means or what to do next with it.… Read More

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Just Stand (eBook)

Bryan and Sue Nutman share a passion to connect people to the Father’s heart. Through this book, Sue tells her story of how God changed their family’s lives. You’ll walk with them through their valley and mountain top experience and witness how they grow together as they learn to trust God in every area of their lives. This book will take you on a journey, as you discover with Sue and Bryan, the power of your authority in Christ, as well as the freedom you can experience through inner healing and restoration. This item includes the eBook (EPUB) version and a PDF file version which are both downloaded upon purchase.

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Knowledge, understanding, wisdom
What’s The Difference Between Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom?

There is a myth that gaining knowledge is the best solution to the problems we face in our lives. The world is now on information overload; just look at the amount of information there is on the internet and in published books. However, knowledge without the meaning or understanding of how to apply it can bring us to the place I call, “all the gear, but no idea!”… Read More

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