I would like to begin by saying, I am so very glad I chose this course, “Advanced Prophetic Activation” for my elective. I thought it would be inspirational and allow me an opportunity to learn something I would most likely never have the opportunity to learn elsewhere so I wanted to take the course and I am so very glad that I did.

The course was interesting and prompted me to reach deep inside myself and to listen for our Father’s voice in a way I am not accustomed to. The exercises stirred my inner spirit and intuitiveness within. I especially enjoyed studying the card that was handed out to me and writing down what I felt it was saying to me. I was surprised when we were asked to change cards with someone else in the room and then to meditate and write what we thought the card was saying to the other person. It really surprised me that the one sentence the gentleman wrote to me was the very same thing I wrote but just worded a little differently.

I am aware God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent; however, I am accustomed to dealing with Him more directly, one on one and have never tried anything like this before. It was very interesting and enlightening and really what I can say? This opened my eyes to another level that is going on that I simply wasn’t aware or had given any real thought to. I have had insights about others, but I guess it never dawned on me that others might be having insights concerning me too. (grin)

Bryan and Sue, thank you for putting together such a unique experience for us. This course was something really very special and I will always remember this course and both of you. You are a lovely couple, different in nature and yet completely in tune with one another and the students you teach. I would love to see more interactive courses of this nature… hands on practical experience and learning in how to move in the supernatural gifts of the spirit. This really was a treat… Thank you again for such an interesting and uplifting course!