“Activating the Prophetic” brought so much light to operating in the prophetic. Not only in the comfortability of a church setting but also on the street. Truth is everyone wants to know what God thinks about them even if they have a problem with God. To step out and share what we believe He is saying to us because a word from God to a total stranger could change everything about someone’s life. We can’t be disobedient because of the fear of man. What this class also did is grow the hunger I already had for the secret place and intimacy with God. Out of that and simply knowing Him deeply and adoring Him allows His voice to become so comfortable to us that we can’t help but hear it when we are in the public setting with strangers. You encouraged us to pursue His heart and from a place of Love we can operate in the prophetic out of the love of God for others. That was one of the most important things you all shared with us. Thank you for helping us step out and demonstrate His love and power as real Christians!

Best, Jared