John Potter

“Activating the Prophetic” was my favorite class of the first year and the most impactful.  The class changed my life and God used it to give me direction for what He wanted me to do.  I have read thru your book three times and I have also given it to eight different people.  When I was in Minnesota a  couple of weeks ago  I was able to share with a Small Group (the church leaders from 40 Something age group).  I was able to share what God had done in my life in the last year and share some on overflowing in the Spirit.  We broke into groups of 4 and put someone into the middle and started praying over them and to see what words God would give us for that person.  Most if not all of the people in the group had never done anything like that before.  We continued until everyone was in the “hot seat” and everyone got words.  One of the leaders was given the words “liberty bell” and the person who got the words said I do not know what this means – the leaders (Paula and Chris) were going to buy a house (no one knew) and it had a liberty bell on the deck.  I gave the leaders a copy of your book (which they were excited to get) and asked to pray about doing it in the small group.