This course, “Activating the Prophetic”, blessed me greatly. The love of the Lord and the students displayed by our instructors, Bryan and Sue Nutman was powerful. They gently shared the deep teachings of prophetic activation and gave us confidence that Jesus wanted to manifest in us through the gifts of prophecy. Their insight and demonstration clearly showed they are experienced in the prophetic. The key word for prophecy is intimacy and that intimacy was the hallmark of this course.

Our purpose in life is to reflect Jesus our Lord and the gifts are the platforms to manifest his presence. Edification, exhortation and comfort spoken with the agape love of God will lead toward God. The ability to help bless our dear Lord’s sheep, feed his sheep and look through the eyes of Jesus to give spirit to spirit nourishment was wonderful to experience. This course effectively demonstrated and taught prophetic activation through effective activities. These activities were filled with genuine ministry by the students. What a blessing to see the level of agape coming through with only one desired outcome, to reflect the love of Jesus.

I came to Charis Bible College to learn and experience what this course taught. This course was taught through the unconditional love of God with a desired outcome of the supernatural manifestation of the gifts of faith and healing. The course helped dear Christians who are earnestly seeking to be a blessing in the word to be more effective in loving the sheep we are told by our Lord Jesus to feed. You helped me to receive and minister the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to reflect Jesus in this world What that means to me is hard to put into words.

Thank you for all you do to train and equip us for the ministry to a world that desperately needs us.