Kathryn Peters

Dear Bryan and Sue,
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time! Newly retired, now I have the time:). Three years ago my husband Steve and I attended the Healing Conference. On the last day (Friday afternoon) I was quite “bummed” as I had yet to experience the Lord in a deep personal way while watching many others enjoying His blessing. Frankly I felt a bit forgotten. But during your workshop Bryan I believe got a word of knowledge regarding someone who had been struggling with insomnia. (This had nothing to do with your subject of inner healing!) My hand went up in a flash! You asked anyone who was sitting around me to lay hands on and pray for me. (Later I found out there were several of us in the room with the same struggle.) I began to weep from my depths. I asked the Lord to forgive me for holding it against Him realizing that satan and not the Lord was behind it! Since then, after suffering with insomnia all my life (I’m 66), I was completely delivered!!!!! I now sleep like a boulder in CO! I can hardly even stay awake long enough to read one page!!! The torment of not being able to sleep is a distant thing of the past. 
I cannot thank you both enough for being sensitive to the Lord smack dab in the middle of your workshop, hearing His voice and obeying Him. It has brought me joy upon joy. Relief upon relief. Peace upon peace.
You two will always be dear to me! God used you to perform a miracle in my life and i am one extremely grateful sister.
Love in Christ, 
Kathryn Peters