Johnson, VT

First, “Activating the Prophetic” is an AWESOME course. I would do it again and I have told people too!!

Never really knowing God’s word from mine, or from the enemy’s, it has been a true blessing to actually hear a word for others and then have them confirm that they have heard it also! What a WOW moment.

It is really cool because most of the time I’ll wait to hear a word more than once, like while I am driving or in the shower and then BAM the Holy Spirit says it again to me. I always like testing it out by at least hearing it twice.

It is also so powerful when I have a word and do not say anything to my wife, Diane, then out of the blue she says something and I’m like, “I just got that word today”. Amen.

The feeling of God directing my life versus me has created peace. Knowing I am in His will gives me goose bumps.

I am so blessed to have had you both lead the course into and through this. I now practice this daily and it feels each day that the Lord speaks more and more as I pray in tongues (pretty much the whole way to work, 30-40 minutes). I always seem to get scriptures that fit the topic on the prayer line daily! LOL

Thank you again.

Blessings to you both.