Going the Distance: How Do We Do It?

going the distance

We’re All Going To Reach The Departure Lounge One Day, Just Make Sure it’s Not Too Early!

And He said to them, Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while. For there were many coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat (Mark 6:31 NKJV).

Can’t See the Wood For the Trees?

Have you ever been so tired and fatigued that it brings you to a place where you struggle to make simple decisions? It’s as if you can’t see the wood for the trees because you were physically exhausted. Whether this was your fault, or happens because others were asking too much of you, this is not a good place to be.

This will not lead to going the distance in life.

We’re Human Beings Not Human Doings!

Many of us fail to see how vulnerable this situation puts us in. Do you know you could be putting yourself into a position to make poor or rash decisions that can even take you off course for the plans God has called you to? We are human beings – not human doings.

I urge you to read on to see where you find yourself and I am going to give you some good solutions over the next couple of weeks to help get you back on track. However, the best situation would be to not get yourself into this position in the first place!

There Are Two Kinds of Tiredness

To begin with, did you know that there are two kinds of “tired”? The differences between the two types of tiredness are like chalk and cheese! One comes from a job well done. However, after a period of rest, you bounce back. The other is a chronic, inner fatigue that accumulates over weeks and months. This kind of tiredness doesn’t always manifest itself as physical exhaustion. In fact, it can often be masked by frenzied activity and impulsive behaviors.

Here Are Ten Signs That You Could Be Heading Towards Exhaustion:

  1. You can’t relax over a meal or even sit long enough to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee
  2. You constantly and mindlessly check and recheck emails and voicemails
  3. You trawl through social media sites late at night and into the early hours just to catch up with family and friends
  4. Your bedside table is piled high with books and magazines designed for “self-help” or to keep you ahead of the game
  5. Taking a day off just seems impossible because you’re scared you’ll miss something at work. You think you’ll get behind with your “to do list” or even drop the ball
  6. You don’t take simple breaks during the day and you work even on weekends or on vacation
  7. You struggle to get to sleep and then stay asleep. You wake up after a few hours worried about your workload, what you have to do tomorrow, or what people think about you
  8. Any free time you have is being spent in an “escapist” behavior, like constantly eating, excessive alcoholic drinking, spending time mindlessly laying on the sofa channel hopping, watching trashy TV, or even playing video games just so you stop thinking about work and people
  9. You feel you don’t have any time to exercise a few times a week, even if that means just a 30-minute walk. Or you’re just too tired when you get in from a day’s work to put one foot in front of the other
  10. You have a sense of underlying nervousness or anxiousness for no apparent reason

These signs or traits are not accompanied with going the distance in life. Rather, it’s quite the opposite.

You Can Sleep When You’re Dead? That’s Not Good…

Because at times we don’t know how to rest, we can lose our way! We are somehow poisoned by the belief system that only good things come by unceasing determination, tireless hard work, and constant effort. The saying that “you can sleep when you’re dead” is a lie from the pit of hell. To not rest is unscriptural and if you don’t learn how to then it will probably lead you into an early grave! Just read “Matthew 11:28 and Hebrews 4:9-10 (ESV), if you think I am being dramatic.

Don’t Forget the “One” Who Called You into Your Position

The basic truth is that while you’re busy running around trying to carve out your God-given job, calling, ministry, or striving to work hard and endeavoring to look important, you can and will lose your ability to clearly hear God’s voice. Don’t forget that He is the One who called you into that position.

So does God expect you to work hard? Yes, but definitely not by endangering your health, your family, and especially not your personal time with Him!

Come Aside

My main recommendation in this first blog post is if you sense and know that this is the shape you’re in right now, or that you are even heading in this direction, hear and understand what Jesus is saying to you right now—Come aside…and rest a while.

If you’re wise and you want to go the full distance – then you’ll pay attention and do what He says.


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