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At Roots and Wings Ministries Internationalour heart is to be able to train and equip pastors, ministers, church leaders, and members of the Body of Christ to operate in the gifts according to Scripture. As we minister, we want to assure believers that they hear God’s voice. For as we know from John 10:27 ,“My sheep hear My voice.”

The Lord has called us to demonstrate to the Body of Christ how to bridge the gap between written Scripture and living a lifestyle of operating in the gifts of the Spirit. We desire for people to function in the authority He has already given us and to reveal and demonstrate His kingdom on earth.

Bryan and Sue Nutman video course on Hearing God

Our Hearing God Courses

Our Hearing God courses provide biblical teaching, resources, and practical workshops on the variety of ways for a believer to hear God’s voice. In addition, we provide opportunities for participants to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some of topics that are covered in our Hearing God courses include:

  • Learning how God speaks
  • Hearing God’s voice clearly for yourself and others
  • Ministering in the prophetic and other gifts based in God’s love for people
  • Knowing the difference between words of knowledge and words of wisdom
  • Discerning and interpreting received words
  • Learning to deliver and weigh our words
  • Learning EEC words (Edification, Exhortation, Comfort)
  • Developing evangelism and healing ministry in the church and on the streets
  • Distinguishing between God’s timing versus ours
  • Living a prophetic lifestyle
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We offer 2 options when it comes to participating in our Hearing God courses. You can schedule us to come teach at your church or venue, or you can learn at your own pace with our Hearing God products.

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