Hearing God (Part 16) – Feedback is Crucial to Success

Feedback is crucial for successFeedback is Crucial to Success & is Like a Checkup

Good theory can govern experience, but most of what becomes engraved on our hearts is through unscripted interaction: we practice and then we get results (or feedback). If you’ve ever taken medicine for something, doctors will often have you come back in for a “checkup.” They want to know how you felt after taking the drug. They are looking for feedback to gauge if the medicine “they practiced” on you was successful.

Correct Training is Essential

Well in a similar way, when my wife and I are brought in to train church leadership, a congregation, or even students at Bible colleges on how to hear God’s voice and prophetic activation classes, one very important area of training is how to give feedback. Once a person “has administered” a prophetic word, that person needs to ask the receiver of the word for feedback.

Take Heed of How You Hear!

To increase the effectiveness of a word, it matters how someone hears it. Even the Bible goes so far to say it this way in Luke 8:18, “Take heed how you hear…” To be a good listener, you must try to listen to the word given to you in an active manner. Pay attention. Nobody wants to talk to a corpse! Once the prophetic word has been given, then share your thoughts and feelings about the word in a non-judgmental way—that’s feedback. Even if the word was “not correct” or if there was some area you didn’t quite understand, the feedback you give back is vital. It helps the spiritual growth of the other person and their walk with God. Remember, we don’t judge the person only the word!

Be Clear & Precise in Your Response

The way we offer feedback is to tell the person, in a clear and precise way, what resonated with you and what didn’t. In some cases, it’s even good to give the reasons why you felt it did not resonate. Sometimes the word you were given is not for you now. It may actually be based in the future, which is why we don’t just dismiss a word that we don’t understand immediately. In that case, you can tell them you will take this back to God and ask Him what is correct and what is not.

Prophecy Helps Reconfirms Details Previously Known

The main reason for giving feedback is to let those practicing the prophetic know if they confirmed some areas that you had already been given by God and/or other people. If not, what did not line up with your inner spirit man or may have even been completely new to you?

Judge the Word Not the Person

We have discussed this in previous blogs, but if the prophetic word doesn’t line up with the Father’s heart, Scripture, EEC words (1 Corinthians 14:3), then you may not want to embrace it! Do not accept words that are judgmental, critical, or that do not line up with the true nature and character of God! These are the prophecies that you let go of and tell them, thank you, (but no thank you!). You will have to provide healthy and positive feedback to them as to why you will not be accepting the word and why it was not what you expected. Again, judge the word, not the person, this is very, very important.

No One Reaches Full Development Immediately

Give feedback that honors that they were willing to step out to provide a prophetic word you, but don’t internalize something you know is not for you. Make sure that your words line up with the heart of God (in loving correction if needs be). And also, feedback is healthy because it allows them to grow and develop their hearing in a better and more defined way. Let’s look at it this way: no one reaches full development all at once. But with feedback and practice, a good teacher can become a better teacher, and in time grow to be a great teacher.

As we bring these blogs of “Hearing God’s Voice” to a close, we will finish them with this thought: More now than ever we need to learn and move into the prophetic realms, especially by stretching ourselves to give and receive words.

Take Advantage of the Opportunities 

Listen, learn, and practice all you can. Concentrate on doing your best with God’s leading and always with His heart. Take advantage of every opportunity to develop and sharpen your prophetic skills by learning to hear the voice of God for yourself and then others. Start changing the lives of others in your home, your church, your workplace, town, city, and nation!

“If you want to change the direction of someone’s life, then declare to them what God says about them.”