Hearing God (Part 3) – Don’t Get Anxious, Get Prepared!

Don't Get Anxious To Hear

Don’t Get Anxious To Recieve A Word From God

Do you know it is not God’s heart for you to stress and get anxious about receiving a word from Him? Doesn’t it say in Philippians 4:6-7, Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

We Need To Hear From A Place Of Peace

God’s heart is that we operate from a place of peace where that peace surpasses our minds’ understanding. We can receive far more and far greater things when we operate in His peace than when we are striving to gain something. I know from personal experience that it’s all about preparation and practice.

Before you read on please remember this: “The heart to hear God’s voice is always more important than the ability to hear His voice!” 

Fear & Doubt Hinders Your Availability & Ability

You know, I sometimes used to get anxious when I was trying to hear God for myself or to receive or a word for someone else. This was especially true in some case if I was practicing in groups and needed to hear something in a limited amount of time. This was because I was not totally sure of how God spoke to me, and then it seemed like I allowed a quiet panic to set in. I began to entertain the fear of what if I don’t hear?  Am I going to look stupid? Then it turned to doubt, and I began to question if I can even hear Him. Even though I know I had! Have you ever experienced this?

Entering Into Rest

Unfortunately, in some cases I allowed my own negative thoughts and pressure position me to get anxious and thoughts that I would fail. Thoughts of, would people think I’m not capable of hearing God’s voice? Once I started to learn how God communicated with me more frequently and intimately, I was then able to relax, which created a natural increase in my confidence. A byproduct of this confidence allowed me to preserve an interdependency with the Spirit while knowing there is always more. I started to learn to take those negative thoughts captive and enter into a rest. I began being confident that I could hear Him, and this made it far easier to receive a download for someone else with this mindset.

Aligning Yourself To Hear

Let’s look at it this way, can we ever receive anything good when we are stressed and anxious? No! We only end up being even more worried about the situation. It may sound stupid, but sometimes we can hear God more clearly when we are not forcing ourselves or trying to hear Him. When we just step back and thank Him that we can hear Him, it puts us in a position and alignment to enter into a place to receive.

Practice, Practice, Practice

However, although positioning yourself to hear requires us to relax, that doesn’t mean that hearing doesn’t take practice. So, take time with God and other people to practice, practice, practice! This can be done in a safe place with others who are willing to help you practice and give you feedback about what you have spoken. But do you know the best thing? As long as you are sharing from the Father’s heart it does not matter if you get it wrong. Sometimes we learn far faster by getting it wrong than if we get it right all the time. When getting it wrong, we learn to tune our ears in more. I would suggest though the best thing for development is to spend time with people who are well versed and seasoned in these areas, and who will be willing to train and equip you further. If your local church or organization can’t help you, then it might be worth looking around to see who can.

Faith is Like Exercising

This is how we start to flow in the Spirit. When we begin to flow, hearing becomes more natural and an everyday lifestyle. It’s like doing anything at first, you can feel awkward and cumbersome, but in time it becomes just a part of who you are. It can be compared to weight training. You have to exercise those muscles with increasing amounts of weight to build strength and mass. It goes the same with growing your faith to hear God, you must step out. You’re not going to develop those faith muscles to hear and speak without exercising them.

So today’s encouraging word is, don’t get anxious, get prepared.