Wednesday’s Encouraging Word – Heb 12:1

Keep On Keeping On!

Running the Race

Faith is like a muscle; it has to be exercised to grow strong!

Different Muscles for Different Reasons

Did you know that runners develop difference kinds of muscles, depending on the type of race they are running? For example, endurance runners will develop completely different muscles than those of sprinters. Because the life of faith is an endurance race and not a sprint, we must be fully convinced that we are on this journey of transformation for the long haul and not just for today.

Train for Longevity

Marathon runners train for extremely long periods of time and carry no excess weight. Why? Well, it’s because they need to be as light as possible for their muscle fibers to retain more energy over extended periods of running. This then ensures that they can finish the race strong. Even the writer of Hebrews expresses this when he states in Hebrews 12:1 that we must “lay aside every weight.” Unfortunately, as we know all too well, our western societies are all about instantaneous results without the correct food and training (the Word of God). However, nothing about our distance race in Christ reflects the reality of a microwaveable world!

Transformation vs Destination

Our Father is not concerned in our final destination because He already sees us at the finished line, in the finished work of Jesus. He’s more interested in our transformation!

Victory in the Trials

Jesus said, we will have trials and tribulations in this lifetime but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (John 16:33). When we operate from a place of victory and the trials come, we can stand in faith knowing that we will develop our spiritual muscles in a greater way that preserves us for longevity. From this position, we are able to transform and grow and to see Jesus in a whole new way. Do you know what the best thing is about this marathon? We are sustained in a peace that the world can’t understand.

We’re Built to Win

Now you can see why that we have been built to win; it’s because He’s already won the race! We just need to put some action to the faith that we have already been given.