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    Just Stand (Book)

    Bryan and Sue Nutman share a passion to connect people to the Father’s heart. Through this book, Sue tells her story of how God changed their family’s lives. You’ll walk with them through their valley and mountain top experience and witness how they grow together as they learn to trust God in every area of their lives. This book will take you on a journey, as you discover with Sue and Bryan, the power of your authority in Christ, as well as the freedom you can experience through inner healing and restoration.

    not rated $15.00
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    God’s Airwaves: A Practical Guide to Tuning In To God’s Voice Through Modern-Day Prophecy (Book)

    Why do Christians sometimes have a hard time hearing the voice of God? Could it be that they don’t understand that it as part of the new birth? Just as new-born babies learn to recognize the voice of their mothers and fathers, new believers are born with this spiritual ability. They are born to not only hear their Father, but to also know His heart through their Brother Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God’s Airwaves, with its workbook-style format, takes readers on a practical journey training them to hear the Father’s voice for themselves and others, which is the biblical basis of modern-day prophecy. Go on a journey to deepen the relationship you were born-again in Christ to have.

    Also available in eBook format.

    not rated $15.00