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    hearing god course 1 USB

    Hearing God: Introduction to Prophecy (Course 1)

    This course, Hearing God: Introduction to Prophecy, is a video course version of our popular Activating the Prophetic course. It will introduce you to God’s heart by teaching you to hear life changing words for yourself and others! Within this easy-to-follow and down-to-earth first video course, you’ll gain biblical, practical, and strategic tools to hear God’s voice. You’ll accelerate and develop the prophetic speaking gifts to release words and the promises of God over your own life and the lives of others. Gain the clarity and confidence you need to discern His voice above everything else clamoring for your attention.

    This power packed course includes a USB drive with 8 video teachings, 8 audio teachings, a PDF workbook, and a FREE digital copy of our book, “God’s Airwaves: A Practical Guide to Tuning In To God’s Voice Through Modern-Day Prophecy”.

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  • the vine dresser teaching USB

    The Vine Dresser (USB)

    In the Kingdom of God, pruning is a vital part of the process of how we bear much fruit. Through this teaching on John 15, Sue takes you on a journey  as she explains the role of the vine dresser.

    This product includes one USB drive with a downloadable video teaching and a prayer in PDF format.

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