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  • 3 Audio Teachings Power Pack (USB)

    Get 3 of our newest audio teachings on one USB drive! This power pack includes:

    Consider Your Ways – Focusing on Joshua 1:8, Bryan focuses our attention on what we need to do to walk in the fullness of our purpose and calling on Earth.

    Presence + Identity = Power – Through the story of Esther, Sue illustrates how Esther, when faced with an impossible situation, had to understand not only her destiny but also the power that came through knowing God’s presence.

    The Cutting Edge of Provision – People who have had radical experiences on the cutting edge of following God say that the best fruit of the journey is out on the limb. This teaching focuses on the story of Elijah at the Brook of Cherith.

    This power pack includes one USB drive containing the 3 described audio teachings listed above.

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