Start 2018 with God’s Perspective For Your Life!

Come Join Us For This Special Free Event!

Learn how to hear God’s voice in a fresh new way for the start of 2018 and you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

This practical and personal workshop time will equip you further to use your spiritual, visual, artistic and written creative senses. To explore what God wants to say to you through these areas, but also to give you wisdom and insight for this forthcoming season of your lives.

Give Him the time to speak and He will show you through prophetic creative journaling the wisdom and guidance you seek, what He thinks about you and even the starting point of the next part of your journey.

We are excited as we think this workshop will set you on a course for creative journaling to become a lifestyle and not just a one-off event. Our hearts at Roots and Wings Ministries International are to just share with you further ways of how God speaks to us all and especially if we give Him the space to do so.

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