2019 Prophetic Conference in Ypsilanti, MI

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“Activating the Prophetic” was my favorite class of the first year and the most impactful.  The class changed my life and God used it to give me direction for what He wanted me to do.  I have read thru your book three times and I have also given it to eight different people.  When I was in Minnesota a  couple of weeks ago  I was able to share with a Small Group (the church leaders from 40 Something age group).  I was able to share what God had done in my life in the last year and share some on overflowing in the Spirit.  We broke into groups of 4 and put someone into the middle and started praying over them and to see what words God would give us for that person.  Most if not all of the people in the group had never done anything like that before.  We continued until everyone was in the “hot seat” and everyone got words.  One of the leaders was given the words “liberty bell” and the person who got the words said I do not know what this means – the leaders (Paula and Chris) were going to buy a house (no one knew) and it had a liberty bell on the deck.  I gave the leaders a copy of your book (which they were excited to get) and asked to pray about doing it in the small group.

John Potter

First, “Activating the Prophetic” is an AWESOME course. I would do it again and I have told people too!!

Never really knowing God’s word from mine, or from the enemy’s, it has been a true blessing to actually hear a word for others and then have them confirm that they have heard it also! What a WOW moment.

It is really cool because most of the time I’ll wait to hear a word more than once, like while I am driving or in the shower and then BAM the Holy Spirit says it again to me. I always like testing it out by at least hearing it twice.

It is also so powerful when I have a word and do not say anything to my wife, Diane, then out of the blue she says something and I’m like, “I just got that word today”. Amen.

The feeling of God directing my life versus me has created peace. Knowing I am in His will gives me goose bumps.

I am so blessed to have had you both lead the course into and through this. I now practice this daily and it feels each day that the Lord speaks more and more as I pray in tongues (pretty much the whole way to work, 30-40 minutes). I always seem to get scriptures that fit the topic on the prayer line daily! LOL

Thank you again.

Blessings to you both.



Mark - Johnson, VT

This course, “Activating the Prophetic”, blessed me greatly. The love of the Lord and the students displayed by our instructors, Bryan and Sue Nutman was powerful. They gently shared the deep teachings of prophetic activation and gave us confidence that Jesus wanted to manifest in us through the gifts of prophecy. Their insight and demonstration clearly showed they are experienced in the prophetic. The key word for prophecy is intimacy and that intimacy was the hallmark of this course.

Our purpose in life is to reflect Jesus our Lord and the gifts are the platforms to manifest his presence. Edification, exhortation and comfort spoken with the agape love of God will lead toward God. The ability to help bless our dear Lord’s sheep, feed his sheep and look through the eyes of Jesus to give spirit to spirit nourishment was wonderful to experience. This course effectively demonstrated and taught prophetic activation through effective activities. These activities were filled with genuine ministry by the students. What a blessing to see the level of agape coming through with only one desired outcome, to reflect the love of Jesus.

I came to Charis Bible College to learn and experience what this course taught. This course was taught through the unconditional love of God with a desired outcome of the supernatural manifestation of the gifts of faith and healing. The course helped dear Christians who are earnestly seeking to be a blessing in the word to be more effective in loving the sheep we are told by our Lord Jesus to feed. You helped me to receive and minister the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to reflect Jesus in this world What that means to me is hard to put into words.

Thank you for all you do to train and equip us for the ministry to a world that desperately needs us.


John - Colorado

My experience with “Activating the Prophetic” was undoubtingly one of my favorites all year. Not only did it push me to grow in hearing His voice and acting on it but it also gave a clearer light, at least for me, on how this journey that we are all on is simply done by faith! The two of you really helped heal some wounds that some of us may have had on “if it was really the Lord speaking to us” or “am I going to get this right.” You put us in a position to really just move in faith and trust that God had our back and for that I thank you. I truly feel as though every student should have to take this class that activates their faith and puts them in a position to let God show them how for them He actually is. At the end of the day we didn’t come to school to be built up in knowledge but to everyday wake up and be more and more like Him. Hearing and speaking just as He spoke, with love and faith! Two areas the two of you clarified on that are necessary for any move of the Spirit. Thank you!


Tyler - Colorado

“Activating the Prophetic” has changed a lot about my thinking and putting it into 200 words is going to be hard, but here is my best effort. I think the thing that changed me the most is when we were going the verse exercise and mine was Psalm 139:14. And the only one that could know how much I stood on that verse is God. A couple years ago when life was out of control I felt like the only way to find control was my weight/self-worth. So I spent years not eating and being disgusting by my own reflection, this verse got me out of it, it’s what I stood on. I’m in a new chapter of my life and I know that the next few months I’m going to be acting out of a lot of things I can’t control. To me this was like a reminder that “I’m still here no matter how out of control things feel.” And it was a good reminder that, that old thinking when thing was out of control is not you anymore, that old self isn’t you and we are going to handle it together. And I’m proud of you. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to some changes God has done in me and being able to show what I’ve learned to my classmates around me.


Jessie - Colorado

I would like to begin by saying, I am so very glad I chose this course, “Advanced Prophetic Activation” for my elective. I thought it would be inspirational and allow me an opportunity to learn something I would most likely never have the opportunity to learn elsewhere so I wanted to take the course and I am so very glad that I did.

The course was interesting and prompted me to reach deep inside myself and to listen for our Father’s voice in a way I am not accustomed to. The exercises stirred my inner spirit and intuitiveness within. I especially enjoyed studying the card that was handed out to me and writing down what I felt it was saying to me. I was surprised when we were asked to change cards with someone else in the room and then to meditate and write what we thought the card was saying to the other person. It really surprised me that the one sentence the gentleman wrote to me was the very same thing I wrote but just worded a little differently.

I am aware God is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent; however, I am accustomed to dealing with Him more directly, one on one and have never tried anything like this before. It was very interesting and enlightening and really what I can say? This opened my eyes to another level that is going on that I simply wasn’t aware or had given any real thought to. I have had insights about others, but I guess it never dawned on me that others might be having insights concerning me too. (grin)

Bryan and Sue, thank you for putting together such a unique experience for us. This course was something really very special and I will always remember this course and both of you. You are a lovely couple, different in nature and yet completely in tune with one another and the students you teach. I would love to see more interactive courses of this nature… hands on practical experience and learning in how to move in the supernatural gifts of the spirit. This really was a treat… Thank you again for such an interesting and uplifting course!


Alyse - Arizona

“Activating the Prophetic” brought so much light to operating in the prophetic. Not only in the comfortability of a church setting but also on the street. Truth is everyone wants to know what God thinks about them even if they have a problem with God. To step out and share what we believe He is saying to us because a word from God to a total stranger could change everything about someone’s life. We can’t be disobedient because of the fear of man. What this class also did is grow the hunger I already had for the secret place and intimacy with God. Out of that and simply knowing Him deeply and adoring Him allows His voice to become so comfortable to us that we can’t help but hear it when we are in the public setting with strangers. You encouraged us to pursue His heart and from a place of Love we can operate in the prophetic out of the love of God for others. That was one of the most important things you all shared with us. Thank you for helping us step out and demonstrate His love and power as real Christians!

Best, Jared

Jared - Michigan

“Activating the Prophetic” was an excellent exercise for me in both learning the theoretical/doctrinal side of prophetic ministry and getting activated in hearing God’s voice and operating in the spiritual gifts. I leaned several key lessons throughout the course. First, within the teaching, I was encouraged by how prophecy can be done in order and as a natural overflow of being with the Father. I often have had experiences with prophecy in the past as something that we need to “pray down” from God that can become overly-spiritualized and emotional, so I loved the Nutman’s measured and biblical approach to prophesying. I also found a valuable lesson in learning about the timing of prophetic words – it was eye-opening for me to hear that just because you receive a prophetic word for someone doesn’t mean you need to share it immediately, but rather that you should seek God for timing as to when you should deliver the word. This helped me greatly, as there had been several times in the past that I felt I received a prophetic word and shared it immediately, but later regretted it and felt as though I shouldn’t have shared it at that time, which confused me. Discovering the importance of Godly timing helped clear this confusion for me. Within the “activation” side of the class, I also received a lot. In one of the exercises we performed as a class, we were asked to look at pictures on a piece of paper and get words for people in our group based on the images we saw. My group was rather reticent to share during this exercise, so it pushed me to really hear from God for different members of my group and gave me room to hear clearly for different people whom I had no previous contact with, rather than simply receiving words for myself. This was good practice for me in discerning the voice of God. Furthermore, I really enjoyed our “corporate word” exercise – it was so cool to see how God can create such unity in a group of strangers and speak through us as a body. Overall, I felt this course was an excellent learning opportunity for me to step out in my calling, and a wonderful chance to put into practice the teaching I have received from Charis classes.


David - California

“Activating the Prophetic” taught me so much. Since the first time I took your class I really honed in on hearing the voice of God for me. I know He sounds different to me than to anyone else and I determined to discover that distinction. So this time around during this course, I really wanted to focus on ministering to the students around me. I know Charis has many amazing people, but a lot of them lack truth and intimacy. So I used our group times to hear what the Lord had to say to specific people around me. He always loved on them, cared for their hearts with His words. That’s what I love so much about Him. My own personal intimate time with Him has definitely benefitted as well. I focus less and less on the things He can give me, and more and more on His face and heart. The difference has been noticeable in my life and I know that will only continue to grow. Thank you so much for showing us how to seek the Father beautifully. You two are definitely some of my favorite people on this campus. You know Him. Love you guys!



Sophia - California

Dear Bryan and Sue,
I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time! Newly retired, now I have the time:). Three years ago my husband Steve and I attended the Healing Conference. On the last day (Friday afternoon) I was quite “bummed” as I had yet to experience the Lord in a deep personal way while watching many others enjoying His blessing. Frankly I felt a bit forgotten. But during your workshop Bryan I believe got a word of knowledge regarding someone who had been struggling with insomnia. (This had nothing to do with your subject of inner healing!) My hand went up in a flash! You asked anyone who was sitting around me to lay hands on and pray for me. (Later I found out there were several of us in the room with the same struggle.) I began to weep from my depths. I asked the Lord to forgive me for holding it against Him realizing that satan and not the Lord was behind it! Since then, after suffering with insomnia all my life (I’m 66), I was completely delivered!!!!! I now sleep like a boulder in CO! I can hardly even stay awake long enough to read one page!!! The torment of not being able to sleep is a distant thing of the past. 
I cannot thank you both enough for being sensitive to the Lord smack dab in the middle of your workshop, hearing His voice and obeying Him. It has brought me joy upon joy. Relief upon relief. Peace upon peace.
You two will always be dear to me! God used you to perform a miracle in my life and i am one extremely grateful sister.
Love in Christ, 
Kathryn Peters

Kathryn Peters