The Gifts of Healing – Learn What They Are (with Examples from the Bible) and How to Operate in This Gift

the gifts of healing

The Gifts of Healing are Different from the Working of Miracles

As detailed in my previous blog post, the working of miracles are usually instantaneous, but healings can be either gradual or instantaneous dependent on what the Lord is wanting to do. The plural part for both “power gifts” are that there are many healings and miracles needed for certain situations and people. Hence there are different types and different anointings given to people for what’s required.

For example, someone may have a greater anointing for healing backs, where someone else might be more anointed for the healing of cancers. However, once again, the Holy Spirit will manifest the healing that is required through the individual at the proper time if they are willing to step out in faith to release it.

How to Operate in the Gifts of Healing

The great thing is, you do not need a fulltime healing ministry to operate in the Gifts of Healing. Again, it’s all about what Jesus paid for 2000 years ago and letting the Holy Spirit do what He does best which is reveal His power gift through you.

I look at it this way; if you lay your hands on someone and you don’t see an instant healing, then it’s not about you. And, if you lay your hands on another person and you see them instantly healed, it’s not about you! See where I am coming from? It’s all about Jesus and the Spirit of God being able to manifest Himself however He wants to. It’s not about you trying to muster something up and hope it works!

It’s about just having the courage to operate out of God’s love and go see what He wants to do through you.

Examples of Gifts of Healing in the Bible

Some great scriptures to take a look at with regards to healing and the manifestation of the gift are listed below:

Luke 5:17-26 – This healing permeated an entire area.
Acts 5:15 – Peter’s healing power manifests through his shadow.
John 5:2-13 – At the Pool of Bethesda, there were multitudes of sick people, but Jesus healed one man and went on from there.
Mark 5:25-34 – Many times this healing power flowed out from the body of Jesus simply through contact.
Mark 8:22-26 – Jesus heals a man of blindness (in stages).

My Personal Experience

I have prayed for many people over the years. I’ve seen some receive instantaneous healing and with others it’s been gradual. Other times, I have prayed and seen nothing, but I know that I have released a seed of faith/healing for that person to receive their healing in faith. Again, it’s not about me, it’s all about the One who is the “Giver of the Gifts”. I am just a vessel for Him to flow through.

One time really touched my heart. I had just starting out praying for people and I had yet to see a healing. So, I started to ask the Lord, “if it says in Scripture that greater things we will do since You’ve sent the Holy Spirit, why am I not seeing anything?” I sought the Lord for a few weeks on this and I finally sensed an answer. He said to me, “do not lower your expectations of healing down to the things of man or of the church.” I thought “wow” and made a heart decision in that moment that this is something I will not do.

A Pastor Gets Healed of Cancer

A little time later, I got to pray at a conference for a Pastor of a denominational church who was suffering with prostate cancer. He was going to give up his church and position because the congregation was not believing or seeing his healing. He was in a huge amount of pain physically and emotionally!

A welling up started to stir inside of me and a compassion I had never felt before. I prayed a very simple prayer and cursed the cancer in his body and for the DNA of Jesus to invade every blood cell within him. Just to be truthful, I didn’t see any change and he left. But, there was something inside of me that said “do not lower your expectations…”

The Manifestation

Six months later I was in Dallas, Texas at another conference praying for numerous people. Suddenly, I had this man walk up to me, tap me on the shoulder and gave me a massive bear hug! I looked at him and he said, “do you remember me?” I replied, “you’re that Pastor I prayed for about six months ago.”

He was jumping up and down excited to tell me what happened, so to cut a long story short this is what he shared…

On the night that I prayed for him, He went back to his hotel room still in major pain. The next morning he got up still the same and didn’t want to drive back to Texas from Colorado in all the pain he was in. He put the car keys in the ignition and as he went to turn the car on, all the pain stopped. There was absolutely no pain!

He then drove all the way home, still with zero pain! He could not believe it. Finally, he went back to the doctors, and they confirmed there was no cancer showing in his body.

So, not only was he healed, he also carried on in his pastoral role and all the church members witnessed a wonderful healing from God. As I said, even if you pray and see nothing, it’s not about you. Do not lower your expectations to a place to think it didn’t or won’t happen. That particular night completely changed my heart and mindset on healing and has not changed since.

God Is All About Healing

God is the same yesterday, today and forever and He is all about the healing atonement He already paid for. So, step out and start believing it!

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