Dogs and Rabbits – That’s Weird!

Our DogsDogs Have Their Very Own Characters & Natures

As I was walking the other evening with my wife Sue and our two dogs, it became more and more apparent to us that our dogs have two different characters and natures.

The Dogs Come Too!

We have a wonderful black Labrador and a super cute, but a little crazy, black and white spaniel that seems she has the power and zing of the “Energizer Bunny”! As a family, we came to the USA nearly seven years ago with our two children.  My wife had a condition to move to America—the two dogs had to come too!

A New Adventure Every Day

As we were walking them around our neighborhood on their leashes, it became evident not only how they were aging so differently but also just how different they are in character. Our Lab is just so happy to be with us and out and about, even though her joints are stiff these days. The look on her face is one of just sheer happiness and joy. Anytime we take her out, she doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. For her, it’s a brand-new adventure every single moment, even though we’re just on a walk around the same block!

On A Mission

The spaniel though, oh man, when she puts one paw out the door, she’s on a mission. She can run a mile with her nose to the ground to detect the scents of as many rabbits as possible! She’s strong; she pulls and darts from side to side examining every bush, shrub, flower, wall or mailbox post to pick up even a faint scent of “those pesky rabbits.” She’s on a mission to get her prize—a little gray, fluffy bunny in her jaws.

How Do You See Yourself?

As I was watching our two pets, I said, “Lord isn’t it really funny that they are of similar ages, but they are so very different in stamina, strength, and character.” Almost instantaneously I heard God ask me, “Son, how do you see yourself?” Internally, it stopped me in my tracks. I thought that’s weird! He was asking me if I was more like our Lab or our Spaniel. I honestly needed time to think about it to answer Him, so I just carried on walking the dogs and watching. Have you ever had God drop a one-liner into your heart, and it just sat there begging to be explored?

The Best of Both Worlds

Now after I had pondered over this a while, I responded to the Lord that I would like to have the best of both worlds! And why not? Hasn’t God created us in such incredible ways that we can adapt and train to be stronger, faster, more agile, and not just physically, but also mentally!

Don’t Limit Yourself on What You See

However, I think sometimes we limit ourselves to what we can become and what we can do based on how we see ourselves. From day one, God created us to be in His image, so God has a big picture perspective and is offering it to us.

We need to be able to see who we are on the inside before we can see the manifestation of it on the outside. We need to build a mental picture of who we are and what we are created to be, even before we start the process of training and equipping ourselves.

Labrador Joy

See, in one sense, I would want to be like the Labrador: I never want to become so wearied about a situation or a person that I lose my passion for Jesus. Every day, my relationship with Jesus is meant to be new, fresh, and exciting, even if I am doing the same thing day in and day out. As I go through the ordinary, I want to see something during the day that is so incredibly different about His ways and His character that the joy and happiness of His presence floods my being. When that happens, I know my face will reveal it. (John 15:11 AMP)

Spaniel Focus

However, at the same time, I would also like to have the traits of our spaniel: strong, agile and extremely focused, even at her age. She is determined to finish her purpose, at all costs, determined to gain the prize—her rabbit! (Phil 3:15-16 MSG)

Transforming Your Mind to See How God Sees You

So today, transform your mind. Believe what He says about you in His Word. Agree with it from your heart and declare it over yourself (Romans 12:1-2 AMP). You can be both a happy Lab, enjoying your life, as well as a focused spaniel, following hard after the mission God has put in your heart. Ask for more, believe for more and see yourself in the fullness of how God sees you and created you!