Revelation Not Just Information

Revelation brings ResponsibilityWhen we receive a true revelation of God’s Word, and when He speaks to us, we have a responsibility in how we steward that revelation. 

This is a short post with regards to what you do with the revelation God gives you either through His Word or when He speaks to you directly?… Remember His voice will never contradict His Word!

Revelation Not Just Information

We can just read for information or we can digest for revelation… There’s a big difference and the main difference is a relationship with the One who wants to reveal Himself to you, not just for you to know about Him.

The Right Questions Lead to Stewardship

So my question to you is; what do you do when you gain true revelation of who He is and what He wants to say? Do you just keep it to yourself or do you use it to give some revelation to others? So what is your first question? Again it should always be directed back to the One who gave you the original word. “Lord is the revelation just for me, or how would you like for me to share it with others?”… This is stewarding what you have been given in a way that allows God to receive the glory.

Steward Well & Increase Will Come

Remember, steward well what He gives you. This goes for His Word foremost, but also with finances as well as a lot of other areas, as this is the kingdom of God. Why? Because the more you want to steward His grace and His heart, the more you will be given to steward. Then the responsibility He gives you will grow as you grow! Just look at the parable of the 5 talents! (Matthew 25:14-30).