Hearing God (Part 7) – Where Are You Pointing To?

Your Motive Determines Your Direction

Where Are You Pointing To?

You Can’t Fix Someone Else By Pointing Them To Yourself! 

Bluffing Your Way Through………

Have you ever been stopped by someone and asked for directions to a place, a shop, a road, or even how to find a specific person, but in truth, you didn’t know for sure. Yet, instead of saying that, have you bluffed your way through the encounter by giving them incorrect information? Even worse yet, did you ever find out later that you ended up sending them in completely the wrong direction? Perhaps you thought it was better to guess than to say you didn’t know. If you have, did it ever occur to you later: where did they end up? Did they ever get there? Or, what happened to them if they didn’t?

God’s Directions Are Clear – It’s Our Interpretation Of Them

In Psalms 103:7 it says, “He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel”.

When dealing with us, God always clearly directs us and tells us the way to go. For example, God was showing Moses His ways so that he would know how to lead God’s people. God made sure that Moses knew which way He was pointing him and the Israelites in the wilderness. But they wandered, you may say. Yes, but that was not because God’s directions were unclear.

You Don’t Exit Through The Sign

Let me give you another example.  Most commercial properties have illuminated signs above their Exit doors, clearly marking the exits. However, you don’t exit through the sign; you exit through the door. The sign is merely pointing to the door below. The exit sign provides direction in the situation that you need to exit. This should be the same way when we give someone or a group a prophetic word. The word should only point them toward the Door, Jesus, who gives them further revelation (directions) from there.

What Are Your Motives?

Let’s really check our hearts and our motives as to why we want to share a prophetic word for a person, church, or group meeting. Where is your word pointing? Unfortunately, in the past, I have seen people who flow in the prophetic gift (or office) get caught up with exercising the gift for the sake of exercising it.  It has become a way of validating themselves and defining who they are. Others have used the gift for manipulation, or even money. Giving prophetic words for the wrong reason can lead to a minster getting caught up in pointing people back to themselves, instead of pointing believers to the “Door,” meaning to a greater revelation and relationship with Jesus.

Pointing To The Greatest Revelation 

You see, we make very poor exit signs, so if we are not careful, we can lose the understanding that we are really supposed to be pointing people back to the One true Spirit of prophecy— Jesus (Revelation 19:10). He is, and always will be, the greatest revelation of life, truth, love, grace, and supernatural power.  Why would we ever want to point people back towards ourselves? We are not their Savior; Jesus is!

Pride Is A Killer!

As believers, we must always remember the dangers of pride. As it says in Proverbs 16:18, pride always comes before a big fall! The higher we are elevated in pride, the more chance there is for others to watch us fall. That is why we should not allow the gift to supersede our ability to operate the gift in godly character.

Always Release Life & Truth

So whenever you’re giving a prophetic word, your primary motive should always be to release words of life and truth over a person, their situation, or their circumstance. Always point them to the One who gave us the word in the first place—Jesus. The purpose of the prophetic gift is to connect people directly to the Giver of the Word.

Two Crucial Questions

Now once you’ve checked your motive and you’ve given a word, there are two crucial questions you need to tell them to go back to the Father and ask:

  • What does this word mean for me and my life?
  • What should I do now that I have received this word?

In this way, you will have connected them back to the Door and to the greater revelation of who God is.

Point Them Back To Jesus!

So remember, before delivering a prophetic word, always check your heart’s motive, and always, point them back to Jesus. Glorify Him and not yourself.

Now go on and point someone in the right direction today!