Hearing God (Part 6) Hold The Fruit Flakes, and Nuts Please

Hold The Fruit, Flakes and Nuts Please

Hold The Fruit, Flakes, and Nuts Please

Just Speak Normally

When it comes to sharing your thoughts, ideas, future plans, and feelings with others, would you ever speak in a booming, scary voice to cause that listener to shake, quake, or quiver? When you meet someone for the first time, would you wobble, waving your arms about, or speak to them in riddles? I would guess 99% of you reading this would answer, “No, never!” You probably would be concerned that if you did, the listener would think you were a little nutty for sure!

Please Don’t Be Weird

Well, I have seen most of these things in my time exhibited by people giving a prophetic word. Can I just say this right off the bat? To deliver a prophetic word from God, you really don’t have to sound or act weird or make others uncomfortable. So there, now I have said it! Phew……

While I totally relish moments when the whole power of God and anointing comes on people, I really don’t think the Holy Spirit is going make you look like a complete and utter nut case as you are sharing the Father’s heart with them.

Thankful For Increase

I know even within the last 6 to 8 years there has been an increase of people delivering prophetic words to the Body of Christ.  With this increase, I’ve seen some amazing words given by New Testament prophets; yet at the same time, I’ve witnessed some pretty horrible deliveries of God’s words by “Non-profitable” prophets! In addition to prophetic words of encouragement, edification, and exhortation, there has also been an increase in the number of the words of knowledge and words of wisdom being spoken over people, whether in churches or out on the streets. And for this, I am thankful, especially as this is what the churches of today should be doing based on Scripture (1 Corinthians 14:1-5).

The Good, The Bad & The Somewhat Ugly

Unfortunately, when there is not a lot of guidance, wisdom, or correction from leadership in the early stages as these gifts are first being introduced by the Holy Spirit, there is a danger of these gifts being exercised without proper order. Under those circumstances, things can become very messy and, in some cases, just plain weird.  I have seen, the good, the bad and the somewhat ugly.  That’s why Paul spoke very clearly on order in churches when it came to these things (1 Corinthians 14:26-33 & verses 30-40).

Just Be You!

Please keep in mind that when you are actively listening to God or receiving a word for someone, it’s better to listen first than to relay it immediately. But if you sense you need to relay the word to that particular person immediately, then remember this: Just be you!

You Are Unique

God has made you totally unique, a unique person who has been fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. So just speak normally, and act normally as if you were just talking with a friend, family member, or a work colleague. Convey your divine thoughts and words in a way that makes you more available and understandable to the person hearing you.  A common communication style will allow you to be able to reach the people that He needs for you to reach in a way that glorifies Him.

Be Relative To Today

All throughout the Gospels, we see that Jesus spoke to fishermen about fishing, farmers about seed, and shepherds about sheep. He was a Master at being relative to His day and to the people around Him! Please don’t use “Christianese” words to try and relate to people who wouldn’t have a clue, especially ones outside your church environment. The stories He told were only hard to understand for those who chose not to believe what Jesus was saying.

Speak With Love, Grace & Holy Spirit Power

So remember, you don’t need to act nutty, flakey, or sound like someone from another dimension when the Holy Spirit prompts you to communicate the Father’s heart to someone. What’s more vital is that you give a word that is filled with God’s redemptive power and His unconditional love and grace. That kind of word will change someone’s life forever!

Just be yourself and give it a go today!