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    Don’t Get Distracted (MP3 Download)

    Did you know that one of the most common tactics of the enemy is to get into your peripheral vision and to try and get you off track by any means possible? This teaching by Bryan Nutman is based on the book of Nehemiah and focuses in on the ways in which the enemy tries to wear God’s people down with fear, manipulation, and intimidation. Does that sound familiar to you? This message places emphasis on how to know the enemy’s tactics. When you know this, you’ll have the right strategies and plans to beat the devil at his own game every time!

    This teaching includes one MP3 file.

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    Consider Your Ways (MP3 Download)

    In Bryan’s teaching, “Consider Your Ways”, you’ll gain insight and wisdom on the biblical truth that God always fulfills every promise in Scripture. However, He cannot force you to fulfill your full potential to receive those promises. Bryan focuses our attention on what we need to do to walk in the fullness of our purpose and calling on earth. Joshua 1:8 says that if we meditate on His Word night and day, we will be prosperous, and we will have success. Did you know that kingdom prosperity is entirely different from worldly prosperity? Being prosperous starts from the inside out, not from the outside in. This message will enable you to operate in your supernatural purpose, gifts, and calling. His promises will not fail! Find out how to live out of your full potential here on earth. This teaching includes one audio MP3  file. Download immediately.

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    Presence + Identity = Power (MP3 Download)

    In her teaching, Presence + Identity = Power, Sue explains how Esther, when faced with an impossible situation, had to understand not only her destiny but also the power that came through knowing God’s presence. Ephesians 1:4-6 sheds light on this biblical truth by telling us as believers that we are “chosen before the foundation of the world.” Most of us agree with this in theory, but how do we live it out?

    During this teaching, Sue will expound on three key areas vital to living with a sense of power and purpose: Presence, Identity, and Power. This teaching includes one audio MP3  file. Download immediately.

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  • The Cutting Edge of Provision (MP3 Download)

    It’s a biblical truth that radical obedience brings radical rewards! There are times when extreme obedience develops spiritual maturity in your walk with God. People who have had radical experiences on the cutting edge of following God say that the best fruit of the journey is out on the limb. This teaching focuses on the story of Elijah at the Brook of Cherith. Sometimes you have to spend time with God by a drying up brook to experience the abundance of His provision in radical ways. This product includes one MP3 download. Download immediately upon purchase.

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    Trichotomy: Be Healed – Spirit, Soul, and Body (MP3 Download)

    When you’re sick, it’s easy to think healing is just a matter of getting well physically. In their corner stone teaching, Trichotomy, Bryan and Sue Nutman take you on a healing journey to wholeness that includes healing – spirit, soul and body. With an accompanying workbook, this teaching will lead you into an interactive healing workshop where you’ll learn to walk in divine health, freedom, and in all that God has for you. As a couple, Bryan and Sue hope that these teachings will ultimately equip and train you to minister to others. This product comes with 2 MP3 files and a workbook in PDF format. Download these files upon purchase.

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  • Lenses: What Lenses are you Looking Through? (MP3 Download)

    Do you find that when you face challenging circumstances you often react in ways you wish you wouldn’t? It may be that you’re wearing “lenses” that color your experience. Through humorous life-experiences, Bryan and Sue Nutman teach listeners how to focus on what the Word of God says about life’s circumstances, instead of relying on the invisible lenses you were given by family background, society or religion. As you listen, you’ll find the accompanying workbook will help you see challenges from a new perspective. This product comes with a MP3 download and a workbook in PDF format. Download both upon purchase.

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