Today’s Encouraging Word – Receiving Your Inheritance (Part 1)

Heaven's RealityYou can receive in life what you have the faith to believe for!

Receiving Your Inheritance From the Kingdom of God

Last week we discussed what the Bible has to say about how to receive from God during a season of battle. This week, let’s look at how we can receive from God as a Father, rather than as the Commander in battle. There are multiple ways to receive from God. Did you know there is an inheritance in the kingdom of God stored up for you as a son or a daughter? For simplicity’s sake, I will refer to us all as “sons of God,” just as when I refer to “the Bride of Christ,” I am referring to both men and women.

Transference of Dark to Light

What does it truly mean to be a son and live out of your inheritance? It’s a journey that will transform you from the power of darkness to the kingdom of the Son of His love, as Colossians 1:13 declares. It was truly amazing what happened when you asked Jesus into your life. These are just a few of the incredible privileges you now enjoy through Jesus’ blood as His heir to the kingdom of God:

  1. You’ve been delivered! The Greek word Paul used means to literally rescue by drawing you to Himself. Your deliverance was a deeply personal event to Jesus. By His shed blood, He drew you to Himself. The distance that original sin had put between you and God has been eradicated and now you are “accepted in the beloved” (Ephesians 1:6).
  2. You’ve been freed from the power of darkness. That “power” is the devil’s enslavement and tyranny over those living under his control. Christ’s blood liberated you from darkness, ignorance, sickness, poverty, bondage, oppression and the blindness the enemy uses to deceive, control and manipulate.
  3. You’ve been translated into the kingdom of God’s Son. The word “translated” implies being transferred from one place to another. In Paul’s day, government superpowers like Rome would annex other nations and make it part of Roman territory. These nations that were conquered were better off under Rome’s rule, enjoying such privileges as safety, food, travel, and protection, etc. So when Paul chose the word translated, he meant Jesus’ blood transferred or annexed you into His kingdom to enjoy these fully paid advantages: guaranteed eternal protection, abundant provision for all your needs, full status of Sonship, and unlimited access to the throne of your heavenly Father.

Start to See Differently

Now you can start to see in this one Scripture alone what you have been given. You can freely access and receive your full rights as an inheritor if you know how. You no longer have to strive to gain His favor and grace, as a son, you have inherited it.

A Paradigm Shift

Your new status as an heir requires a paradigm shift. Let’s say you want to see the manifestation of your healing or need the provision for something that you require urgently. That very thought is a symptom of a mindset—I don’t yet have this, or I don’t have that. This, in a spiritual and practical sense, is a symptom showing you that you’re continuing to think you are still waiting on your inheritance. In other words, you see your inheritance as something out there in the future, so you’re here hoping, claiming and declaring that you will receive something that is already yours. Can you see that?

Imagine the Following

Imagine you are buying a house. Until you close on the deal and get the keys to the property when you “visit” your home-to-be, you are escorted there by the realtor, right?  However, after you have closed on the home, would you drive past the house dreaming of the day the home will be yours? Would you call up the realtor and ask them to meet you at your house so that you can get it? No!

Start to Live From What You’ve Already Inherited

In the same way, we must stop this mindset of looking towards our inheritance in Christ! Jesus died and rose from the dead over 2000 years ago. The minute you become a son of God, you are an inheritor of what Jesus died to give you. Now it’s time to start to actually live from your inheritance. It may sound simple, but receiving this revelation from the Holy Spirit is probably the biggest heart and mind shift you will probably have to make in order to learn to live from a place of sonship.

Next week, we start to unfold further how we can access all that we have inherited from a place of rest and confidence in who He is, not who we are.