Wednesday’s Encouraging Word – Experience Comes From Relationship

Your Knowledge Can’t Go Beyond Your Experience!

Experience Comes From Relationship!

Did not our heart burn…while He talked with us? (Luke 24:32)

How Busy is Too Busy?

As you know, everything is so accessible these days with fast data downloads and the consistent use of the internet and cloud-based systems! Wanting to be connected to large social media groups, grabbing those online shopping bargains, text messaging all your friends and family, emails to write and read, and even working continually on weekends, and the list goes on.

Your Master & Time Waster

Well if this is the case, then you are probably thinking that you can’t-do without these things, and your life won’t be fulfilled without them. Unfortunately, these items have probably brought you to the point that they have become your master, as well as your time waster.

Can Anyone Gain My Attention…. Even God?!

We truly need to stop and ask ourselves, can anyone get my attention? Can my spouse, my children, my family, or other close friends. But most importantly, can God even interrupt me? Can He gain our attention before we start down a road that He does not want us to go down? In worse cases, can He get ahold to us before the start of a complete emotional meltdown or catastrophe in our lives?

Have you ever considered the fact of God wanting to share what He thinks about us or that He just wants to spend time with us? If we don’t give Him the time, how do we know what to do and even when to do it? He just wants to share life with us on a daily basis and to show us things about Him and ourselves that we have never seen before.

Being Sensitive is Key

The good news is that some of our “God experiences” will still happen even when we are preoccupied with something else. However, we can still miss them because we are too busy to recognize them, or we have just become too desensitized to His voice to even care. So, we must take time to pray and to make sure we stay sensitive enough to understand what He is actually saying. We also need to be sensitive so that we can respond to His ways rather than the circumstances of life and the consistent pressures around us to stay busy for the sake of being busy!

Brick Walls Can Be Dangerous

If you decide to pursue your own agenda instead of God’s, don’t be surprised when you run into a brick wall and end up asking, “What went wrong?” The answer is you didn’t take time for God! Look at the example of Mary and Martha when Jesus visited their home in Bethany. Martha’s focus was on cooking dinner for Him and many others; Mary’s focus was on soaking up every word He spoke. In some cases, both can be necessary, but when you need to choose between the two, the best choice will always be to sit and rest at His feet in adoration and to learn from Him.

Take Time to Listen

Listen to the words of a couple of men who just encountered Jesus on the Emmaus Road following His resurrection, yet they didn’t know or recognize Him: “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road?” (Luke 24:32 NKJV).

Want Answers?

If you take the time to listen, the Lord can give you amazing encouraging words when you’re at your worst. He can download into you the complete direction for the next phase in your life. And even give you a solution or a strategy ‘on the road’ that will solve a problem waiting for you at work. He can stop fear and anxiety dead in their tracks when your future is not looking clear. One insight from Him can de-stress you so you sail confidently through a test in school or college. He can give you wisdom and knowledge for someone else’s life or issues, while you’re doing mundane things around the house. All He requires is that you give Him the time and space, as you are being sensitive, available, and responsive to Him.

So, today’s encouraging word is experience comes from relationship!